Do You Know L.A.’s Most Dangerous Gangs?

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Los Angeles’ most dangerous gangs

At our LA limo service, we are tremendously proud of the L.A. But like any other city, Los Angeles also has its problems. The beautiful city of Angels is unfortunately also known as “the Gang Capital of America,” and even by some as “the Gang Capital of the world”! Here our limousine services will represent some of the most dangerous regions and neighborhoods in Los Angeles. With over 160,000 gang members in LA County alone, the city has more gang members than any other American city. Hundreds of gangs have originated in the LA area, including gangs as the Bloods, Crips, MS-13, the Nazi Lowriders, and the Sureños. The gangs often target teenagers to recruit, and the average gang member will not live to be 25 according to the National Geographic. In the year of 2015, Los Angeles had 285 murders. A number which is higher than most cities in America. Furthermore, certain areas of the city rank amongst the worst in the country. As an example, the CQ Press ranked Compton in 2010 as the 8th most dangerous community in the country! We’re glad our LA limo office is located here! With over 530 violent crimes for every 100,000 persons, Chesterfield Square in South LA has numerous times ranked as the most dangerous area within city limits. A little ways away from LA is where we find San Bernardino, named “California’s most dangerous city” by CBS News in 2016. So hang on as our LA limo services present the “most dangerous gangs in Los Angeles.”


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Back in LA we sadly find many neighborhoods heavily affected and impacted by gang activity, at some time even making walking outdoors after sundown a dangerous activity. We can guarantee though that you are the best care when riding with our limousine services no matter your destination or pickup location. Research has concluded gang-crime exists because violent gangs are able to requite new members. There are many reasons why Angelenos decide to join gangs. Most gang members are recruited from their school or neighborhood, where gangs show up to recruit new members. Studies in LA have shown that the largest recruitment age is youths between the age of 12 and 14, which again results in the fact that Los Angeles’ gang members on average do not live longer than to be 25 years old. Gang members, in recent years, have increased the recruitment of kids and teens. They are aware that California courts treat juveniles more leniently than adults, and oftentimes carelessly uses them as shields or hitmen to do the riskiest crimes. While all of this may scare you off, know that in our 15+ years of serving the city with LA limo services we have not encountered any gang-activity what-so-ever. Remember that there are always good pockets as well. The Southern California area is also home to numerous communities in both Santa Barbara-, LA-, Ventura-, and Orange Counties that rate amongst the safest in America. Our limo-, sedan- and Los Angeles party bus services offer our services throughout all of Southern California. Another example, vineyard communities such as Los Olivos and Santa Ynez, often visited on our award-winning wine tours, are amongst the safest places on Earth and has practically no crime.


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Closer to the city and where we so often do our LAX sedan drop-offs and sedan pick-ups are also safe communities. But many may ask: Why do these kids end up becoming members of gangs? The LA limo office has looked at the numbers. Research says in this age, youths want to belong to a group, have friends and respect. Many are drawn by promises of parties, girls or drugs. It gives respect and power to know the right people. Youths often also join gangs to get protection. If they feel threatened by a group of people, they often want a group for their own. Many that do not have anyone to look out for them or protect them, look to gangs for this protection. The gangs promise to look out for you and they are less likely to be pushed around by people at school or other places. Studies have shown that in some areas, like in Compton, youths often feel unsafe if they are not a part of a gang, most likely due to the high levels of crime. When riding in one of our Los Angeles party bus selections do not fear as you will be in the safest of hands. As a matter of fact, our LA limo company continuously passes all CHP- and other inspections. All our LA limo drivers are professionals and drug-tested.


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Michael McKinney might be America’s leading specialist in gang violence. He is a certified Gang Crime Instructor who is often working with law enforcement agencies, communities and schools to inform about gang violence. He is also a representative of the American Correctional Association National Task Force On Gang Violence. Our LA limo service has looked into his research. McKinney’s research on LA has shown that the major reason why people join gangs is to make money.  When people are unemployed, there is also a much higher chance of them to join a gang. People need to make a living one way or another. If there is no access to decent jobs, many turn to illegal activity as a way to make money. In Compton, the 8th most dangerous community in America, the unemployment rate is extremely high among men, which has led to the high levels of gang membership. The chance of joining a gang is also much higher for Angelenos that are addicted to drugs. Drugs are often very expensive and they need large amounts of cash to buy the drug. Youths from families of drug- or alcohol addiction are also more likely to become a gang member. They would rather spend time with a gang; it is a way to escape from their family problems, as well as a way to have a “2nd family.” Many gangs also use this as a method to get to members, promises of a companionship where you are treated as one of the family. You may wonder why a limo- and LAX sedan provider cares so much about it, but as a company that has served the City of Angels for over fifteen years, we deeply care about all citizens in our beautiful city. In fact, we not only offer wine-tasting trips and airport transfers all-day but Los Angeles County Limo has also contributed to various volunteer work organizations such as the United Cancer Advocacy Network (UCAAN) and the LGBTQA Straight & Alley Prom organized by the OUTreach Center in the Antelope Valley.

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Despite being home to many dangerous gangsters and neighborhoods, Los Angeles has seen a significant decrease in its gang violence rates in the 21st century. According to the LA limo hub, the decrease in gang violence has been enormous! From January 2009 to January 2010, the decline was as big as 40 percent! In other words, there were 78 gang-related homicides in January of 2009, while there were only 51 in the same month of 2010. But this change has not been true for every part of the city. As of most things, there are exceptions to overall development. Gang troubled neighborhoods, like for instance Inglewood, had 22 homicides in the year 2010, compared to 16 in 1999. According to the Inglewood Police Detective Bureau Captain, John R. Frazier, the homicide rate in that particular city is entirely tied to gang violence. From 1979 to 1995, gang-related homicides in Los Angeles County increased from 18 to 43 percent. But it has since the year 2000 been on a steadily decline. In 2000, gang-related homicides counted for more than 50 % of the killings in LA County, but the percentage had decreased to 43 % in 2008. The actual number of homicides per year has also been decreasing consistently, as well as the number of gang-related homicides. In 2008, there were 167 gang-related homicides in the city. This is down from 349 in 2001. So rest assured, a Los Angeles party bus night out will not leave you safe and sound. Whether for an LA limo-, SUV- LAX sedan- or Los Angeles party bus, let our wine tour and limousine services help you accommodate an ideal outing.

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The way the city is addressing the issue is changing. LA has for decades been a model for cities, within the United States as well as internationally, in their leading way of fighting gangs. Political leaders from gang troubled countries in both Europe and Latin-America have come to Los Angeles to learn from their approach to gang-related crime. But the way LA has approached gang violence up through the years has often changed and new methods have been taken in use. Earlier, authorities had very little knowledge about how gangs worked, but have over the years got more and more insight into how they are working and recruiting new members. The most common method to fight gangs earlier was by being hard on them when they broke the law. In recent years, authorities have approached gangs through a whole new set of ways, in addition to being hard on the crime they commit. The FBI has long played the leading role in fighting gangs throughout the U.S., including in the city of LA. Their priorities have often changed, and they have prioritized gang violence more and more during the years gang violence rose in the city. They also have founded the NGIC, the National Gang Intelligence Center, to keep track of violent gangs in LA and other big cities throughout the U.S. Our limousine services are tremendously proud of our law enforcement and is why we, for instance, were proud sponsors of the 20th Annual Police-Community Partnership Awards Dinner by the Simi Valley Police Department in Simi Valley, CA. We actually have one of our limo hubs located in Simi Valley, as well as in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Palm Springs, and Westlake Village. That we, our limousine services can easily service all of Southern California. Call us at (866)-319-LIMO to find out more about our LA limo, party bus- or Malibu wine tours.

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Our LA limo office is appreciative of all the efforts made to fix the Los Angeles gang problem. Different institutions, politicians, individuals, and organizations have had and do have different ways of proposed solutions to gang violence in LA. The previous mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa (D), contributed to establishing the Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development. A part of this program provides safe places, free counseling, and service for risk-youths; these include youths from troubled families or youths with concerned family members. New measures have also been targeted at geographical areas with high percentages of gang-members. Twelve neighborhoods were in 2010 a part of the government program to prevent gang-related crimes. These twelve neighborhoods had all over 400 percent more gang-related crime than anywhere else in the city. Although none of our limo hubs are located in these neighborhoods, we do offer limousine services here as well.

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Many neighborhoods in LA have also created their own organizations to prevent gang violence and other illegal activity from their neighborhoods. This has proven to be a very successful way of preventing gangs from recruiting in neighborhoods. These are so-called Neighborhood Watch-organizations that operates in thousands of neighborhoods across America. On our airport transfers and other ride pickups and drop-offs, we are happy to see so many hard-working neighbors volunteering through the Neighborhood Watch or volunteering through their local police department. 

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So what are the most dangerous gangs in LA? Our limo services have tried to find out just that. Of the more than 900 street-gangs active in the city, two are singled out by EpicDash and others as amongst America’s most dangerous gangs: MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang. Downtown’s 18th Street Gang has been found guilty of over 250 deaths in a time period of 10 years, making it one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. The rivaling Bloods and larger Crips are the two largest street gangs. Whether for a limo or sedan to LAX or Malibu wine tours please rest assure your in good hands when traveling with us! We have served the City of Angels with limo, sedan and party bus services for over twenty years as of 2017. Our LA limo services are the top rated of its category and can offer exclusive wine tours, Los Angeles party bus rentals, SUV rides to LAX, and more.