4 Hidden Gems of LAX

A limo at LAX
A limo at LAX

The world’s fifth most-visited airport is also America’s third busiest. But just how well do you know LAX? Our limo services have served the airport daily for more than fifteen years, giving us more than enough insider tips and ideas to make your travels easier and more affordable. First utilized as a general aviation field from the late 1920s, the airport was operated by the military during World War II. Now LAX is by far the busiest airport in California and among the five busiest in the world. Our limo services have daily runs with limos and LA party bus rentals to the airport. Being the only American airport that is also a hub to all 3 companies: American-, United- and Delta Airlines, it’s also a hub for minor companies such as Alaska-, Great Lakes- and Horizon Airlines. With nearly 75 million passengers arriving and departing in 2015, we all know longer wait times are the usual here, and traffic, as well as parking, can be of great frustration. Add the expensive overnight or 15-minute parking, and driving alone can lead to a bad experience at LAX and most all of the world’s largest airports. Connecting to over 90 U.S.- and more than 70 international destinations, a single airport terminal can be its own unique experience. With over 20,000 parking lots at the airport or nearby, finding a parking spot may not be difficult, but can nonetheless easily become expensive. Whether for a hotel ride or Malibu wine tours, by renting an LAX limousine you may save money and time while traveling in unbeaten luxury!

skip-lax-airport-waiting-lines-los-angeles-airport-limousines-at-laxYou reach the airport through Sepulveda Blvd. Exit on the 105, or from the Century Blvd. on the 405. The 9 terminal buildings are shaped in a U-form, giving the airport the jokingly named “the Horseshoe.” Simply known as “Mines Field” until 1941, LAX was renamed Los Angeles International or LA for short in 1941 and later added the additional X in 1949 when all international airports were required to have a three-letter code assigned. As confusing as it may be, L.A.X. is also the code for the port in San Pedro as well as the Amtrak Station in Downtown LA! Do not fear if you are looking for an LAX limousine though, most limo services will obviously understand you’re talking about the airport. But traveling by train might be different, as Union Station is shortened to LAX by Amtrak! Southern California’s “Gateway to the World” has guested just about all famous people – including most U.S. presidents, several popes as well as Hollywood celebrities, – but one of the most memorable historic arrivals here was when the Beatles arrived in the 1960s in order to make their first televised show on CBS. A huge crowd of enthusiastic fans and reporters had met up to welcome the British band as they first arrived in the United States, giving the airport international headlines. In more recent years, LAX has become hugely popular for cargo traffic including heavy loads of automobiles further damaging LA freeways when they leave or arrive at the airport.

Let us present to you some of our best Los Angeles airport tips and advice for a worry-free through LAX.

1. Skip the Wait Lines!

los-angeles-international-airport-as-july-2016-by-lax-sedan-service-and-airport-limos-laxMost VIPs booking LAX limousine services are taking advantage of the $85 TSA PreCheck as well as the $100 Global Entry to avoid the long waiting times at the airport check-in and security. Maybe being the single best Los Angeles airport tips it will allow you to skip the long customs- and security lines as well as small plastic bags of liquids nor taking off your shoes! With almost 75 million through-travelers in 2015, it is self-explanatory that a visit to an airport at LAX’s size requires a lot of waiting. But there are solutions to everything: One quick interview and you can enroll in the Global Entry program and enjoy expedited entry when arriving amongst many other benefits. TSA’s Pre-Check program is another great secret which allows you expedited security- and customs clearance. Why worry about taking off your shoes and pulling out liquids and laptops after long waiting lines?

A client riding in one of our limos for rent also explained a relatively new feature: the Mobile Passport Control app, which lets you simply update your flight info on your cellphone instead of using the airport computers for expedited entry at the airport. Instead of worrying about constantly checking your flight info on the monitors, download an app such as Gate Guru or Flight Aware for info on gates, possible delays, and more!

2. Best Way of Getting Into Town

Whether you are going to Downtown for a skyscraper dinner or to the Malibu Canyons for Malibu wine tours, you have many options in deciding on what transportation to use. Directly across from the airport is the Metrolink station, which connects to various places throughout L.A., and the airport offers 24/7 bus-, sedan-, and taxi services. You can take advantage of the $7 day-tickets at the Metrolink station or look into other forms of public transportation. The free Metro Rail Green Line also stops at the airport and offers free transportation. But is the metro the best alternative in the automobile capital that is LA? The quick answer is no. Compared to cities such as Chicago, Boston or New York, public transportation in Southern California may be very disappointing. So the best way of getting into town? Why not go for LA party bus rentals when you first are in the “entertainment capital of the world”? Cruising to your destination in a luxurious stretch Hummer may be the perfect start to any Californication for sure.

3. Dining Options Are Abundant

While many airports may not have a too large eatery selection, LAX limousine rental clients have told us surprisingly about the many great restaurants and the wide range of food and drinks available at LAX. Arranged by the terminal in the table below, you can plan ahead for dinner at your favorite restaurant. If you, for instance, forgot Malibu wine tours while in LA, check out the SeaLegs Wine Bar at terminal 2! In terminal 2? Check out maybe the airport’s best food at the Kogi. Terminals 5 and 7 have Loteria! Grill’s offering great signature Mexican enchilada, taco, and burritos. At terminal 6, many of our limo services clients love the Marketplace by Wolfgang Puck. At terminal 4 we would recommend La Provence Patisserie and Café. Looking for a departure cocktail? See terminal 3’s Gladstone’s, the Ciabatta Bar in terminal 2, Gordon Bierch Brewery in terminal 1, or the Corona Bar in terminals 7/8. Traveling internationally? The Tom Bradley International Terminal is home to over twenty dining options, a bar or restaurant for whatever craving you may have.


4. Tips on Saving Money

Most travelers looking for airport limos for rent may know very well the advantages of being an airline rewards member. Even if you do not use the particular airline often, signing up for its reward program may have great benefits from signing up. More recently airline companies have also started to use the same programs, which means you can earn even more miles when flying another airline home from your vacation. When miles are collected they may be redeemed for low-cost flights, while customers at Expedia may use their Expedia rewards points for hotels, excursions, sedan rentals, and even LA party bus rentals. Most of our VIP LAX limousine clients are signed up as airline rewards members for a good reason!

As parking can be expensive and traffic a pain, taking advantage of a chauffeured sedan- or limo rental may also save you time and money. To save even more on your travels, look into public transportation. There’s a Metrolink Station right across the street which serves larger areas of town and is the most affordable way of experiencing L.A. For just a $7 day-ticket, you and your entire group of friends or family can ride the Metrolink for a day and discovering the city more or less by foot. And if you are looking for a limousine rental, why not look for the most affordable rates? With an exclusive Price-Match-Guarantee, you can trust us to provide the lowest rates for sedans, LA party bus rentals, and limos. Even though the airport offers a 24/7 LAX phone waiting space, rest assure that our chauffeurs will arrive in a timely matter for your arrival or departure.

5. Visit Movie Locations

LAX limousine riders and other airport visitors may not realize that LAX also is a popular movie-filming location. Hundreds of movies are featuring the airport, and cinematic tours by LAX limousine services have become more and more popular in recent years. Did you, for example, know that LAX appears as Miami International Airport in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)? It functions as an airport in Washington DC in the movie Independence Day (1996), while it is featured as a Chicago airport in Airplane! (1980). John McClane (Bruce Willis) lands at LAX in the movie Live Free or Die Hard (2007), while the end scenes of Heat (1995) also takes place here. Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) can be seen walking through the airport in The Graduate (1967), while there’s an airport chase in To Live and Die in LA (1985) here. During the opening scenes of Fight Club (1999) we can see Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) arrive at LAX, and later we can see a vibrating suitcase filmed in terminal 2. In the end scenes of Training Day (2001) we can see Detective Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) fleeing to the airport, while the Bride (Uma Thurman) departs for Japan here in the movie Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003). LAX is dubbed for Moscow International Airport in the movie Air Force One (1997), while Drago arrives here in Rocky IV (1985). Many more movies and TV series have been filmed here. So why not reserve limo services to check out the famous filming locations!

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Our Los Angeles limo services have served the LA region and Southern California for over twenty years. We are proud to offer a lowest-price-guarantee for all travel. Besides traditional limo services, we also offer party bus rentals, wedding transportation, rides to Vegas, Malibu wine tours and much more. Why not reserve a limo wine-tasting tour to the beautiful Malibu Canyons! At Malibu Family Wines you can enjoy live music, great scenery and even a safari tour of their vineyards. The more rustic Cornell Winery is popular for Malibu wine tours, often combined with a visit to the Rosenthal Wine Bar located by the PCH in Malibu. Whether for an airport sedan, LA party bus rentals or traditional stretch limousines, we’ve got you covered!


5 Top LAX Tips: Your Guide To The Best of LAX

limousine-at-LAXDo you know where all the various eateries at our international airport are located?? Did you know L.A. International also is one of the largest international airports in America, handling nearly 75 million passengers in 2015? Did you know the airport is nicknamed the Gateway to the Pacific Rim because of its abundance of flights to Oceania and Asia? With the great restaurants and services available, getting to know the place better leads to a better traveling experience at the airport. L.A. International is often not only huge and crowded but navigating your way around can sometimes also be a hazard. By knowing some of the insider tips and ideas for great ways to spend your time, we are certain that your next travels will go more smoothly than ever before. With nearly three million tons of cargo passing through each year and over seventy-five million passengers annually, L.A.X. is one of the largest- and busiest airports in the world. But how well do you know our great region’s main airport? Do you, for instance, know what the X stands for?? What year do you think it began with international departures? And how many countries do you think there are flights to? What’s the most popular international city to visit on flights from L.A.? Hang on as we introduce and give insider tips on one of the most visited places for our transportation services.

limousine-LAX-limo-sedanRanking as the third busiest airport on Earth, navigating its nine terminals can be a hazard. Particularly difficult with the dense traffic and difficulty parking. Look for a professional chauffeured LAX sedan to make the travels significantly easier. The flights are rarely delayed in Southern California, due to the perfect Mediterranean climate, but ensuring to be at the airport in a timely matter is crucially important at international airports. Without the rental of sedans or airport limos, it is important to take the quest of finding parking and rush hour traffic into the equation and arrive at minimum two hours prior to departure. Although home to over 8,000 parking spots in ten nearby parking structures, finding a spot and navigating your way to the terminal from the parking can be a challenge for many. With nine terminals and over ninety operating airlines, make sure to research the best way to get to your respective terminal. Situated seventeen miles from Downtown, there are also various shuttle services going into town. While the shuttle bus often is white marked with green and blue stripes, the Fly Away buses offer 24/7 bus transportation into town. Many passengers utilize a shuttle to get to the Metro Rail Green Line Aviation Station, where they can use the metro to get to their final destination in town. It is operated by the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and has a total of more than 48,000 employees.

airport-limos-la-limousinesRecognized as a leading key to L.A.’s role as the state’s leading international city, L.A.X. was first established in 1930 under the name Mines Field, named after the realtor William Mines. First renamed to L.A. Municipal Airport in 1930, it got its current name in 1949 and began its first international flights only three years later. Because of the new standards for airport codings in the early ’50s, the airport filled in an X to fill out the empty space, becoming LAX. Among the first airlines to operate here was American Airlines, one of only a handful of airlines to operate at the LA Municipal Airport after the Second World War. United Airlines became one of the biggest airlines here in the early 1950s, operating flights to various cities throughout America. Today’s L.A.X. is located over 3,500 acres and offers nearly ninety U.S. flights and international flights to over seventy locations. International flights, often served by tourists using our LA limo vehicles, arrive and depart from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. While San Francisco (1.8 million annual passengers) and New York City (1.6 million) are the most popular domestic flights, the most popular international destinations are London with over 1.4 million annual travelers and Tokyo with nearly 1.1 million. Situated in Westchester on the Pacific coast between the communities of El Segundo and Marina del Rey, it is a 45-minute drive from Downtown and a twenty-minute drive from Santa Monica. As a metropolis with five commercial airports, L.A. has many choices of airports depending on where you are headed/where you are coming from. For example, because of its close proximity to the studios in Hollywood, Burbank’s Bob Hope is the most convenient for those traveling to or from Hollywood. No matter where you are going or coming from, a Los Angeles limousine from us can get you there in style and in time.

the-LAX-limo-service-companyWe recently served clients on one of our Malibu wine tours that said they were heading to LAX. On our way to Westchester, the foreign passenger said: “Not the airport. I meant the San Pedro’ Port!” Little did we know that L.A.X. actually is used for the Port of Los Angeles as well as the L.A. Union Station (LAUS) as well! This can be confusing, but rest assure that locals in most cases will be thinking of the airport and not the old railroad station or cruise ship dock. Many tourists coming by the airport for a longer layover ask us about the options for nearby accommodation. There are plentiful options for hotels, resorts, and motels near the airport, usually ranging in price from as low as $80 to several hundred dollars per night. Many hotels and places of accommodation offer complimentary transportation from or to the airport. Make sure to contact the hotel in advance to schedule a pickup, whether by an LAX sedan, hotel shuttle or other transportation. The affordable nearby Custom Hotel is one of many to offer free transportation. More popular hotels include the Hilton L.A. Airport, the Holiday Inn, the Hyatt Summerfield Suites, L.A. Airport Marriott, Radisson L.A. Westside, and Sheraton Gateway Hotel. While the Custom Hotel is located pretty isolated, LA limo passengers often love the location of Radisson Westside just a short walk from the lively Howard Hughes Promenade and its many eateries, stores and movie theaters. Many have complained about the wifi not being free of charge at the Marriott, while Hyatt and many others offer complimentary wifi. While rooms run for less than $100 at Hyatt, the rates at Marriott run usually at minimum twice the price.

Got a long layover or delay? Make the most of it by booking an LA city tour service to check out the essentials! Or why even leave the airport? LAX offers tons of great amenities, places for dining, shopping, cafes, and more. Unfortunately, the airport’s most iconic restaurant is currently closed, the signature space-themed Encounter Restaurant and Theme Building, but there are still many great restaurant options. Among the Los Angeles limousine favorites are the Wolfgang Puck and the Brioche Doré deli cafe, but eatery options depend entirely on which terminal building you are departing from. At Terminal 1 is where we find restaurants such as the Gordon Biersch Brewery, Deli & Co, Pinkberry, CPK ASAP, Starbucks, the La Brea Bakery, and the Urban Market. In Terminal 2 we find eateries such as Barney’s Beanery, Slapfish, Pick Up Stix, Fresh Brothers Pizza, Built Custom Burgers, and Ciabatta Bar. For visitors that missed out on the world-famous Malibu wine tours, heading to the SeaLegs Wine Bar can be a great way of spending time at LAX. In Terminal 3, we find Starbucks, Burger King, La Brea Bakery and Gladstone’s, while in Terminal 4 are eateries including Dunkin’ Donuts, 8 oz Burger Bar, La Provence, Real Food Daily, Homeboy Cafe, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, as well as Patisserie and Cafe. In Terminal 5 is where we find Loteria Grill, Rock & Brews, Skewers by Morimoto, Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market, Coffee Bean, and Lemonade, while Terminal 7 and 8 have the Wolfgang Puck, Klatch Coffee, Yogurtland, Loteria Grill, Corona Bar, Engine Co No 28, the Counter, Coffee Bean, and B Grill. Tom Bradley International houses over twenty different restaurants, cafes, and pubs, one that is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for a drink or meal.

With the ever-increasing security lines and the growing number of checkpoints and TSA screeners, why not make the most of all your waiting time? While domestic passengers should arrive at minimum two hours prior to boarding, international passengers are advised to show up three hours before boarding. Why not eliminate the stress and hassle of congested traffic, finding and paying for overnight parking? Just look into the local airport limos or other transportation services and say goodbye to a lot of the cons associated with traveling. This following summer – the summer of 2016 – nearly 25 million passengers will go through L.A.X., which is a more than a seven percent increase from the record set in the summer of 2015. And instead of dealing with the problems of public transport and untrusted shuttle companies, hire a professional luxury vehicle with your own private chauffeur. Whether you are looking for Santa Barbara wine tours, airport transfers, an LA city tour service, a party bus for a night on town, or any other transportation need you may have, we can help. With more than twenty years of experience in airport transfers and transportation, we can guarantee the utmost timely and professional LAX limo service, now also the top-rated provider of transportation to and from Southern California airports.


4 Top Things To Do In Santa Monica!

Oftentimes one of the first – and last- cities that tourists see when visiting California and the Greater LA Area is the City of Santa Monica. Here you’ll find more tourists than anywhere else in the state, oftentimes transported by our LA limo or party bus services. This is also where we find several of the most iconic California landmarks and greatest shopping opportunities. Lying between two of California’s wealthiest areas, Pacific Palisades (and Malibu) and Venice, Santa Monica is known as an affluent hometown and thriving resort city. We have many tourists using an LAX airport sedan from the LAX airport in order to get to their hotel in Santa Monica. It is home to one of the oldest piers in the country, the Santa Monica Pier which was built in 1909, and also home to the busiest beach in SoCal, Santa Monica Beach. Stretching from the pier at the beach is one of the busiest shopping areas in the region, the Third Street Promenade, while many heads to Santa Monica Place, an outdoor shopping mall with enough shopping opportunities to spend a full day. Renting a Los Angeles limousine for some premier shopping is always a choice.

With its gorgeous Mediterranean coast and lively town, Santa Monica has truly become the tourist mecca of the Greater LA Area. Because of all the clients that we transport here on a daily basis, we’ve decided to dedicate an article to the most visited Santa Monica tourist destinations, attractions, landmarks, eateries, and more. Founded in 1875, Santa Monica was and remains a gorgeous beachside community of the Greater LA region. With its many pubs and bars, nightclubs and late-night diners, Santa Monica has also always been a popular destination for clients booking a party bus to go partying and spending a night on the town experiencing the great nightlife. Let us present to you Santa Monica – one of the most popular LA limo destinations in Southern California!

Great Beaching

Famously depicted in TV-shows such as Baywatch and Pacific Blue, Santa Monica may be the most famous as well as the most visited beach in the State of California. This 3.5 miles of sandy beach has emerged as a favorite beachside escape for locals ever since the 1890s. In other words, way before the time of our 20-year old Los Angeles limousine service. Here you can enjoy all the average beach activities like ocean swimming, surfing, sun-bathing, biking, volleyball, softball, and various other exciting activities. From the rides at the Pacific Park, observing sea life at the Pier Aquarium to the short walking distance from exciting places as the Third Street Promenade and Venice Boardwalk. A common choice for several LA limo riders has been to rent a bike at the Santa Monica Beach, before biking down to the Venice Boardwalk for a lunch or a cold beer along the oceanside. The beach is famous for all the movie- and TV-productions that found place here, having for instance been featured in movies such as Forrest Gump, Rocky III, Titanic, A Night at the Roxbury, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, and various others. The beach has been featured in numerous TV-productions, including in TV-shows such as 24, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Castle, Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and as sets for the TV-shows Baywatch and Pacific Blue. In fact, the producers of the TV hit Keeping Up with the Kardashians booked a Los Angeles limousine from us for several of their shoots at the beach here. We have also had party bus rentals used in filming here.

The 3.5-mile beach is known for two LA landmarks, Muscle Beach and the Santa Monica Pier, as well as various resorts, surfboard and bike rentals, and also its many designated picnic areas and nearby eateries and cafes for lunch and cool refreshments during a warm day at the beach. It is also home to the world’s longest bike beach bath, the 25-mile South Bay Bicycle Trail leading from the Santa Monica Beach either north towards Pacific Palisades and Malibu, or south towards adjacent Venice Beach. Many of our clients love sipping great wines by the Pacific Ocean a little way up north, on our Malibu wine tours, you can experience everything from tastings overlooking the ocean to tastings surrounded by gorgeous wine country and canyons. Just a few miles from LA. If you decide to bike southwards, the Venice Boardwalk and the Venice Canals are definitely two places worth checking out in Venice. Whether for Venice or Santa Monica, accompanying your adventure with an LA limo ride will make your day luxurious and unique.

LA limo at Santa Monica Pier

A Shopper’s Mecca

Third Street Promenade, stretching inland from the pier, is one of the most popular shopping areas in town. This is also one of LA’s most popular destinations for those ordering a Los Angeles limousine. Furthermore, the promenade is adjacent to the Santa Monica Mall outdoor-shopping mall, one of the most popular shopping malls in the Greater LA Area. Third Street Promenade offers some of the greatest shopping opportunities in SoCal, and even better, just a quarter-of-a-mile from the world famous beach. With longer layovers at the airports, it’s not rarely we get calls from clients wanting an LAX airport sedan in order to quickly visit the city, do some shopping, before heading back in a timely matter to make the next flight at LAX. And if you’re in the SoCal area for shopping, making a trip to the 3rd Street Promenade and its beautiful outdoor-mall is a great way of easily experiencing the city’s shopping possibilities. While you are probably better off looking for souvenirs at the pier or boardwalk, the pedestrian-only promenade is packed with all kinds of shops and boutiques. Here you can find pretty much any or all major retail stores, as well as numerous bars, theaters and eateries. A favorite for many clients includes cruising down to the promenade with friends in a party bus, before exploring the walking friendly shopping street and mall by foot. We’ve even had international tourists flying into LAX airport and calling us for an LAX airport sedan straight to Santa Monica Place from LAX.

After a long day of shopping in LA County, many go on Malibu wine tours to get away from the hassle and noise of town after spending a day or two shopping. Not only is Malibu as well a great resort- and shopping destination, but is also one of few places in Southern California where you can enjoy a break sipping wine between all the shopping. The world-famous Santa Monica Place shopping mall reopened bigger and better than ever before in 2010, and is located at the southern end of the Third Street Promenade. This three-story outdoor mall includes all kinds of shops in addition to great rooftop café overlooking the ocean. The mall is just a quarter mile from the Santa Monica State Beach and is home to an array of various retail stores. Some of the shops found here include Bloomindale’s, Nordstrom, Burberry, Disney, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Pandora, Swarovski, and many, many more. Food wise, some of the eateries at the Santa Monica Place include Hot Dog on a Stick, Charlie Burgers, Johnny Rockets, the Cheesecake Factory, and others. Why not jump in an LA limo and go for some world-class shopping?


Historic Pier & Amusement Park

Already becoming a resort city in the 1880’s, Santa Monica has been a favored tourist destination for centuries. By 1885, the construction of the city’s first hotel had began: Arcadia Hotel directly on the sand and facing the Pacific. Later on, the Long Wharf was erected in 1893, and to more than 5,000 spectators, the Santa Monica Pier was officially opened in September of 1909. In other words, already way before our LAX and LA limo services. With its already lively carnival atmosphere, great Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches, it didn’t take long for Santa Monica to become a beloved tourist destination for many on the East Coast, Canadians as well as Europeans. Having entertained kids and Los Angeles limousine riders for over a hundred years, today’s Santa Monica Pier isn’t only home to the famous full-service amusement park with arcades, a rollercoaster, carousels and ferris wheel, but the pier also houses its own aquarium, various restaurants and eaters, as well as much more. Also preserved as a U.S. historic landmark, Santa Monica’s Pier is a must for anyone visiting the Southern California region. The Pacific Park pier amusement park opened in 1996 and has had more than 24 million visits since its opening. It includes twelve rides including rides for kids, teens, as well as adults. The pier, which also is the oldest pier on the American West Coast, also houses the popular Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Situated immediately underneath the pier, the aquarium has over 70,000 annual visitors. Here you can experience underwater exhibits featuring all types of sea life endemic to the Santa Monica Bay. Another favorite by a lot of LA limo customers is the Bubba Gump Restaurant, owned by the producers of the film Forrest Gump and featured in the movie. Many tourists book their limousine or party bus for a visit to this famous restaurant where they can relive their favorite parts of this classic movie.


Incredible Arts

Santa Monica is an art-lovers paradise. From the various musical performances held here to some of the most beloved museums in the state, you’ll find it all here. Some of the most beloved museums by people booking an LA limo from us include: the Museum of Flying, the Museum of Art, Angels Attic, and Bergamot Station. The Santa Monica Museum of Flying (MOF) is home to fifteen aircrafts and is entirely dedicated to the history of Southern California aviation. Its exhibitions include numerous artifacts, aircraft art, 15 actual aircrafts, aircraft parts, as well as educational programs where you can learn about the history of flying and aviation. Some of the aircrafts displayed include the North American T-6 Texan, an aircraft first used in 1935, as well as the 1930’s Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing, 1920’s Stearman Aircraft, 1940’s Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, 1940’s Ryan PT-22 Recruit, and the historic 1903 Wright Flyer. Vintage aircrafts, aircrafts used in war and the history of the Santa Monica Airport are all areas of focus at the Museum of Flying. Although we don’t nearly serve the Santa Monica Airport as much as LAX, you can still order an airport limo or airport sedan to come check out the historic airport. Any destination becomes better when traveling by Los Angeles limousine services.

Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMOA) is located at the Bergamot Station, an area home to over twenty art galleries, and focuses mostly on modern art. The Museum of Art is located in a former trolley stop and is often served by locals visiting, as well as international and national artists booking an LAX airport sedan or limo to head here for special events and art openings. Santa Monica’s Angels Attic Museum is one of few museums entirely dedicated to dolls, dollhouses, and other toys. Furthermore, the Arts Commission and the Cultural Affairs Division of the city sponsor the yearly Santa Monica Festival, which includes cultural music, dance, arts, and much more. Last year we had a Los Angeles party bus with 20+ people heading to the festival.

Cinematic tours

Particularly popular in recent years have been cinematic limo tours of Santa Monica. On these tours you can rent a Los Angeles limousine and travel to your favorite filming locations in town. Hundreds of picture motion productions have taken place in Santa Monica, and there’s a lot of opportunities to see some really cool film locales. The film industry is particularly old in Santa Monica, and had already begun by 1910. And from Star Wars, Forrest Gump to Terminator — there are many film locations visited by LA limo services throughout Santa Monica. While Santa Monica Place appears in a Terminator vs Terminator sequence in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), ice-skating scenes in Rocky (1976) happened at Ice Capades Chalet. The Camden home in the hit television series 7th Heaven can be seen at 527 Alta Ave, while Palisades Park on Ocean Drive Ave appears in The Karate Kid Part III (1989). There’s a gas station on Ocean and Santa Monica Boulevards featured in National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983). The TV series Pacific Blue (1996-2000) is both set and filmed the Santa Monica and Venice beach area. Ordering a party bus or Los Angeles limousine to visit film locales from Pacific Blue is a popular activity. While smaller groups easily can be accommodated in a limo, larger groups can always reserve a party bus or larger Hummer limousine.

Santa Monica State Beach is featured in Lethal Weapon (1987) and an array of other movies and television series. You can also see Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) run here in the 1982 film Rocky III. A vehicle is found parked on the beach in the 1994 comedy Beverly Hills Cop III, starring Eddie Murphy. The carousels featured in movies such as They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969) and The Sting (1973) were both filmed here. Some of the old classics filmed here include Red Hair (1928), A Lady’s Tailor (1919) and They Were on Their Honeymoon (1915). All these feature the beach and pier. While the pier functions as Chicago in The Sting (1973), it dubs for New York’s Coney Island in the 1968 comedy Funny Girl. It is dubbed for Dallas, Texas in Dead Before Dawn (1993). Annenberg Community Beach House is featured as the Beverly Hills Beach Club in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000). Located at 415 PCH, Annenberg Beach House is a popular destination for LA limo services for a variety for reasons. Although it’s not close to as popular as LAX for airport sedan rides, a number of movies have been filmed at Santa Monica Airport, including The Big Lebowski (1998) and Red Rock West (1993) starring Nicolas Cage. Despite LAX airport sedan services being more common, we still have airport limo rides from Santa Monica Airport. Whether for a limo ride to this airport, LAX or any other Southern California destination, contact us for a Los Angeles limousine experience to remember.

Santa Monica’s Huntley Hotel is operated by a criminal organization in Point Blank (1967), while Reinhold drives off the pier in Ruthless People (1986). The The Huntley Hotel is also a popular place for accommodation, and many tourists order their LAX airport sedan from LAX to this hotel for their hotel stay in LA. While Natalie Wood’s mom tells fortunes at the pier in Inside Daisy Clover (1964), you can see Barbra Streisand dance on the pier in Funny Girl (1968). Santa Monica with its pier and beach is also featured in the opening of Hot Moves (1984), and an attempt to kill Sandra Bullock happens here in the 1995 film The Net. Despite what many tourists riding with our Los Angeles limousine service believe, most scenes of Baywatch (1989–2001) were filmed at Will Rogers State Beach in Malibu, and not in Santa Monica. Nonetheless, you can easily book a Los Angeles limousine in order to visit the many Baywatch film locales throughout Malibu and LA County. Visiting sites from their favorite movies by LA limo services are more popular than ever. Why not head out on your own cinematic limo tour?

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Why venture out on Malibu wine tours when you can do the wine-tasting right here in town? Getting a Los Angeles limousine and visit the wine-tasting rooms here can be a lot of fun, make sure to make a stop at Wine Expo and Bodega Wine Bar. You can also taste Malibu-produced wines at Malibu Grapes on Broadway, even though Malibu wine tours often include more scenic wine country views and atmosphere. For whatever destination in Los Angeles or Southern California, renting an LA limo or party bus will make your outing memorable!

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