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A limo at LAXDid you know there are dozens of haunted places throughout Los Angeles? Whether you’re a believer in paranormal activity or not, these supposedly haunted sites can be highly exciting to check out! Besides organized ghost-tours by StarLine Tours, why not contact a limo service in Los Angeles to check out the city’s scariest sites by limousine? By limo or not, proceed with caution as we present to you LA’s most haunted locations!

5. Hollywood Sign

A hugely popular destination of a Los Angeles limo service is also the famous Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee. Here we often do transfers of tourists from LAX and others utilizing limousine rentals to experience one of Los Angeles’ most famous landmarks. A few of them have reported that they witnessed a woman jumping off the H letter. This is supposedly Peg Entwistle, a B-rated actress that jumped to her death here in 1932, frustrated over her poor acting career.

4. Suicide Bridge

Nicknamed nothing less than “Suicide Bridge”, the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena has been the location of many suicides during the hardships of the Great Depression. People often witness ghosts jumping here, and even a mother-ghost throwing her baby off the bridge. Whether you’re visiting this bridge by our exclusive LA party bus and limousine rentals or on your own, be prepared for the lights to go out!

3. El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is also said to be haunted!

Another supposedly haunted place is found in Downtown LA, namely the birthplace of the city at El Pueblo de Los Angeles. Several limo customers claim to have seen ghosts appearing in front of City Hall, and many seem to have heard footsteps behind them while they’ve been walking these streets alone. Where the Union Station now is located is where the terrible Chinese Massacre of 1871 took place, known as the biggest mass lynches to ever take place in the United States. This has long been a popular place to visit for LAX tourists and others wanting the original Los Angeles experience. There are also many street vendors in the area with opportunities for cheap shopping and a thriving Mexican community that makes for signature Mexican cultural experiences.

2. Hotel Roosevelt

A location often served by LAX transfers for other reasons, Hotel Roosevelt has also become a popular place for ghost-sightseeing. One of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite hotels in town, many have reportedly seen her ghost in room 1200. Most often she has been observed in the mirror in this room, looking straight at you! But there are more ghosts haunting this old 1927 hotel; guests often call down to the reception to ask if the person in the neighboring room can stop playing on their trumpet. No one actually was playing on their trumpet, at least no one alive. Actor Montgomery Clift stayed at the hotel for over three months and his ghost is said to haunt and play on his trumpet here. Furthermore, many guests have gotten phone calls to the room phone from vacant rooms in the middle of the night, and in certain rooms, the lights are known to turn on and off as they please, mostly in the middle of the night. Get a limo- or LA party bus to the Hotel Roosevelt – if you dare!

1. RMS Queen Mary

Queen Mary in Long Beach

Although located in Long Beach, Queen Mary might be one of Los Angeles County’s most haunted places. The restaurant and hotel here are trending for LAX transfers with tourists and visitors wanting to spend the night here. But it’s far from just spending a night in an ocean liner than makes RMS Queen Mary so popular! Being named one of America’s Top 10 Haunted Places by Time Magazine, over fifty people have lost their lives on board this former cruise, many of whom are reported to be haunting the ship still today. “The lady in white” is just one of several ghosts said to be haunting Queen Mary. Because of its extensive history of ghost-sightings, the ship has been featured in a number of ghost-themed TV-series including but not limited to Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted and Fact or Faked.

Manson Caves by Chatsworth Park

There are many more haunted places throughout the city. Did you, for instance, know that ghosts are said to be haunting the Heritage Square Museum, Greystone Mansion and even Grauman’s Chinese Theater? Actor Victor Kilian was killed by his house close to the Chinese Theater at the end of the 1970s, and the ghost haunting the theater is said to look for his killer! Several places with a connection to Charles Manson is said to be haunted, including 10050 Cielo Drive, a home where Sharon Tate and numerous others where murdered by the Manson crew. Besides being featured in numerous paranormal documentaries and TV-series, the house is also featured in the film House At the End of the Drive (2014). Another supposedly haunted Charles Manson location is the Manson Caves of the Santa Susana Mountains in the Chatsworth area.

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Whether to look for paranormal activity or just enjoy a day out in LA, renting a vehicle from a Los Angeles limo service is guaranteed to make for a memorable day!