Limousine passengers are often amused and curious about films shot in Los Angeles. As many of the clients arrive or depart from LAX, we often receive questions about its link to the Hollywood motion picture. And after further research, it does appear to have been depicted in hundreds of cinematic masterpieces. Let’s present some of our favorites filmed right here at LA International Airport!

8) Commando

None else than the “Governator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) can be seen meeting Sully (David Patrick Kelly) at Tom Bradley in this 1985 masterwork.

7) Airplane!

A quintessential film to be mentioned, this hysterical 1980 masterpiece is – as most may know – largely shot at LAX.

6) Heat

Starring none other than both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, Heat (1995) is most definitely a classic. The ending sequels here were produced at LAX, where Pacino follows De Niro from the hotel and to a runway cargo hangar.

5) To Live and Die In LA

With over 40 filming locales near LA, numerous clients have booked limos in order to revisit sites observed in this beloved 1985 action classic. Furthermore, it features clips from 1 World Way, including a recognizable chase.

4) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

LAX limos transfer people daily to the curbs at local airports. Recently, when chauffeuring tourists with limousines for a flight departure, our driver was told how it was dubbed for Chicago O’Hare in the 1992 Home Alone sequel.

3) Fight Club

LAX limos are not always used for traveling. We recently chauffeured cinema enthusiasts throughout town for a glimpse of some cool Fight Club (1999) locales, including LAX, where a short scene was staged at Terminal 2. Our limousine travelers knew exactly what parts were made on-site, namely the opening sequels where a vibrating bag is seen at the baggage belt.

2) Air Force One

It dubs for Moscow International Airport in this action-filled movie. Limo services can be used for multitudes of getaways. Why not get a glimpse of a real air force one, housed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley! Although the president never utilized limos for travels in Air Force One, this 1997 classic features clips from 1 World Way as well.

1) Die Hard 1 & 2

Various Die Hard titles include a variety of scenes filmed in the LA area, making these stops popular for cinematic limo tours of the city. The 1988 thriller shows John McClane (Bruce Willis) arriving here and smoking a cigarette, while it dubs for Washington Dulles in the 1990 sequel.

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Limousine visiting Tom Bradley

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